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The Myth of Pruitt Igoe

The Myth of Pruitt Igoe

Recently, we watched the documentary titled “The Myth of Pruitt Igoe”. Please address the following issues. (First), summarize this documentary by reviewing the main issues addressed in the movie and discuss the experiences of the residents living in Pruitt Igoe. Please be sure to answer the following questions in your discussion. What negative experiences and hardships did they encounter while living there? Did they have good memories and experiences as well?

Did the structure of the community impact or influence the relationships between the residents in the community? (Second), use a specific theory (e.g. Social Control Theories of Criminal Offending, Social Control Theories of Criminal Offending over the Life Span, Social Disorganization Theory & Communities and Crime, Cultural Deviance & Sub-cultural Theories) from your textbook that may explain the causes and correlates of crime in Pruitt Igoe. In this part of your assignment, be sure to clearly state the articulated and unarticulated propositions of the theory. Be sure to draw explicit examples from the movie to support your argument that this theory best explains the problems that plagued Pruitt Igoe.

Technical Requirements:

Your responses should be typed and double spaced using 11/12 point font. In your assignment, please indicate your name, use professional language, include page numbers, staple all multiple pages and do NOT exceed 5 pages of text

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