Psychology Majors

Psychology Majors

Critical Essay #1

The purpose of this exercise is to guide you through the process of critical thinking, to assess your ability to apply ideas and concepts from our readings, and to give you an opportunity to improve your writing skills.

Instructions:View Waging a Living, and then craft a critical essay using the questions below to guide your writing. Remember to answer each question fully, providing details and rich explanations of your views. Please carefully proofread your essay before submitting.

The essay you submit should be 750-1000 words (Times New Roman or Arial, 12 pt font, double space, standard margins, APA or ASA format), and must incorporate relevant concepts and theories from yourInequality Reader.Please organize your essay into paragraphs and pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Submit your essay via Blackboard before midnight on May 19th. Late assignments will not be accepted.

That is, you will receive no credit for assignments submitted after midnight on May 19th. Thisessay is worth 15% of your final course grade.

Evaluation Criteria: Projects will be evaluated using the following criteria: Following directions and completeness (25%); incorporation of relevant concepts and theories (25%); critical thought (25%); grammar, spelling, and punctuation (25%).
Response to Waging a Living:

1) Using a maximum of two sentences, state the main idea or the thesis driving this documentary.

2) Briefly summarize the documentary. What evidence is used to support the theories/arguments put forth? In other words, discuss the arguments put forth using the language and main concepts from the documentary. Explain with specific examples.

3) How did the documentary relate to material covered in the class?Explain how the ideas from the documentary connect to ideas and theories that we’ve discussed so far. Be sure you make specific references to concepts and theories from our readings, citing the readings you discuss.

4) Did you enjoy the documentary? Hate it? Explain. Here is your chance to vent (or let me know that this is the best thing you’ve ever watched)! Tell me why you think this is a masterpiece or disaster. Did the filmmaker make points that you agree with? Disagree with?

5) Write three discussion questions about this documentary. What would you like to ask the filmmaker? Do you have any questions for any of the people in the documentary?

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