The American Frontier-Reality versus Myth.

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History of the American

The history of the American frontier has celebrated the opportunities that the West offered to everyone. Some early historians glorified the American frontier and the role it played in developing the American character. Others have argued that what has been presented is a myth. How much was the truth, and what was myth?

In order to prepare you must complete the following readings:

Review all sections of Chapter 18. Consider the following questions for your essay. The questions in each section will assist you in understanding the content and to prepare for the essay.
The questions can and should be addressed in the essay, but they should not constitute the only discussion in the essay.
How did this period of westward expansion differ from earlier ones?
How did industry and the late 19th-century American economy influence the transformation of the West?
What role did the federal government play?
Read the linked essay titled DEBATING THE PAST: THE FRONTIER AND THE WEST. (Attached) Consider the following questions for your essay. These questions can and should be addressed in the essay, but it should not constitute the only discussion in the essay.
What is Frederick Turner’s “frontier thesis”, and what are the criticisms of it? The link will direct you to Turner’s Thesis, The Frontier in American History. )
Examine the information provided on these links, which address “new views on the history of the American West.” They are not full articles but do provide additional sources that you can review.
Are you a movie buff? Consider renting an old Western, and pay close attention to how “Cowboys and Indians” are portrayed, and compare it to a more recent movie that portrays the frontier. If you use one of these programs, make sure you identify it in your in-text citations and in your references. Review the Writing Resources Tab for guides.
Utilize at least one of the linked sources to support your discussion.
Identify and incorporate at least one additional outside source to support your discussion. In addition to the textbook, you may use any material outside of the textbook that is recommended in the Additional Reading section at the end of each chapter. You are also encouraged to do your own research and identify relevant sources. Please keep in mind that WIKIPEDIA is not an acceptable reference.



Write a well-organized essay, a minimum of 700 words (but not limited to), including supporting details from the documents/textbook/other sources in which you analyze and discuss the material that has been assigned by addressing the following question:

Discuss the reality and myths that have been presented when relating the history of the American Frontier and its development.

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