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The Influences of Technology on Our Decisions

Deliverable 1 – The Influences of Technology on Our Decisions

As a BSN student you are shadowing a Nurse Informaticist to better understand their role and impact in making healthcare decisions. You have one day in this immersion and will be exposed to several Health Information Technologies and their impact on healthcare decision makingAs part of the preclinical paperwork, you have been asked to write a professional reflection in preparation for the next day’s shadowing experience.


Provide detailed responses to each question on a Word document including:

  • Explain one technology you have used in healthcare
  • Explain the impact of the technology using referenced support with in text citation
  • Describe how you used this type of technology to support a healthcare decision
  • Describe an example illustrating how use of the technology effected your decision making
  • Research the evolution of your identified technology using the technology life cycle
  • How has the technology evolved: past, present, future
  • How has this evolution improved healthcare decision making


Last Updated on April 16, 2020

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