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The Crane Wife Paper

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The Crane Wife

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This paper analyzes the book “The Crane Wife” to comprehend how women endure mentally abusive relationships and end up in separation from their partners. It also explains the simple solution of “settling for less” to have happiness and get their lives on the move.

Summary Paragraph:

CJ Hauser published a story in which he revealed the state of her relationship with her fiancé. She exposed how she was being mistreated by her fiancé while still in the relationship, being cheated and misled. Besides, she suspected that the relationship between her lover and her friend was intimate and that she felt jealous of her friend when she became suspicious. At one time, she narrated how they used to converse with her fiancé to understand the nature of their relationship after their love had begun to make a U-turn. However, he would rubbish it off an even made her feel stupid for thinking that he was in love with another person. It is after some time that he confessed to cheating some years back. After learning how she was being cheated, Hauser explained how she decided to settle for less (Hauser, 2002). This came after she has begun to understand that the world had more significant problems than hers.

Topic / Response Point 1:

Settling for less

Textual evidence to support Point 1: “These are minor things, and I thought that I was stupid to let them disappoint me. I had attained my thirties, believing that relying on others makes you weak. I believe this is true for many people, especially women. Men are passionate when they desire things. The moment they realize they have not got what they need, they become deprived or emasculated and assume to have permission for all kinds of behavior. Nevertheless, a women act needy when they desire things and contains her own self to have happiness.
Topic / Response Point 2:

Dilemma after calling off the wedding

Textual evidence to support Point 2: “As go on a spree for hiking pants, I thought I should cancel this trip. Surely, after calling off a wedding, a person is supposed to sit sadly, reflecting on what has transpired and not go out for shopping. As I wore a floppy hat with a pull cord fastened around my chin, an inner voice told me that it was wrong to do that when something important in my life has gone terribly wrong.”
Topic / Response Point 3:

Whooping crane

Textual Evidence to support Point 3: “I traveled to Texas to explore about the whooping crane, researching on my novel. Biologists were executing field research on birds, and my goal was to familiarize myself with field research. The biologists in my novel used to shuffle great paper outlines and frown.”
Conclusion: The Crane Wife” is a Japanese story thought to be related to many women in relationships with their lovers. CJ Hauser explains why she called off her wedding and reflects on being afraid and not wanting to ruin herself. When she said, “what I learned to do, in my relationship with my fiancé, was to survive on less.” CJ Hauser hit a person in many lives because of people who feel stuck with verbally abusive partners and cheaters. Settling for less means accepting the outcome, learning from experience, and going back to the basics. By resolving for less, any person who has been in an abusive relationship finds peace, knowing that there are more significant troubles in the world than setbacks in relationships.


CJ Hauser. (2002). The crane wife. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: University of Florida.

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