E-mail and Internet/ WIFI use Policies

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Email and internet/ wifi are vital tools that help organizations to attain their goals. They play an integral role in the general functions of an organization, and therefore, policies must be put in place to protect the stakeholders, the firm, and its data. Each member must comply with these policies before their access. The paper, therefore, addresses the email and internet use policies.

Email Use Policies

An overview- An email is an essential tool for communication as it helps in the transmission of information within and outside the organization. The use of company email must comply with the goals and its rules. However, its misuse can cause harm to an organization through privacy and security risks (Assessment, 2020, p. 3). Therefore, a firm needs to develop email use policies that employees must comply with.

The purpose-The  main purpose of this email use policy is to ensure the appropriate use of company email and that all the target audience know what the company considers as acceptable and unacceptable. The policy also provides the boundaries and the extents in which the employees can use the company email for personal use.

Scope -This policy applies to all employees who are granted access to company email by our Security Manager. Besides, it also applies to emails assigned to various departments in the organization.

Policy -Company email is essential as it helps employees in their operations. They must, therefore, use the emails for business purposes and on operations related to the achievement of organization goals. However, limited personal use has also been granted. Below are the acceptable and unacceptable use policies.

Acceptable use- The company email must be satisfactorily used by each employee based on company duties and responsibilities. Each user must only use the company email assigned by our System Manager to communicate to business-related parties and to perform organizational tasks. The format of any email must comply with the guidelines issued during account allocation. Besides, it must comply with the procedures, ethical standards, and related laws and regulations (htts://resources.workable.com). The use of company email to communicate with other related outside parties is also allowed.

Unacceptable use- Use of company email to store or send offensive and discriminatory messages based on personal attack, harassment, racial or discrimination of any kind. An employee who receives such messages should report to the Security Manager immediately. The use of company email to forward messages that contain company financial or other confidential information is prohibited. In case it’s a personal message to another unrelated party, it mustn’t contain the company name nor any company information.  

Besides, company email is only for business-related duties, however, personal use is permitted up to a limited extent but not for commercial purposes. In relation, only reasonable use of company resources for personal use is allowed, non-work related information should be stored in a different folder. Personal use of email shall be only during non-working hours, besides, the use of company email to store or send illegal and unethical information to staff or outside members is prohibited.

Policy Compliance- Company may often monitor the information sent, store, or received without the users’ permission. In the case of breach of this policy, an employee will face disciplinary charges from warning to dismissal.

Internet/ wifi use policies

Overview – Internet is an essential tool for the operations and performance of an organization, however, it can be ineffective when misused. The use of the internet is encouraged by the company only if it’s in line with its policies and goals (O’Byrne, 2019, p. 1). Therefore, an organization needs to have an internet policy that every user must adhere to.

The purpose- the main purpose of this policy is to ensure the appropriate use of company internet and to enable the users to be aware of the unacceptable and acceptable use guidelines. It also aims at ensuring that the users do not misuse or ethically abuse the internet.

Scope – the policy target company internet users like the employees who have access to the internet from the Security Manager.

Policy – the use of the internet is growing in our companies. Employees need the internet for many purposes like learning, an increase in knowledge, and business-related purposes. Therefore, guidelines must be given to guide such user. Below are the acceptable and unacceptable use policies.

Acceptable use policies-  The staff must ensure that they use the company internet for their daily duties as required by the organization. The use must be ethically based and comply with the organization’s regulations (https://resources.infosecinsHtute.com). Besides, users are permitted to use the internet for learning and knowledge building based on their organization roles. The use of company internet is only allowed up to a certain limit but doesn’t include unethical and legal use.

Unacceptable use- the following are prohibited.  Access to internet sites that contain immoral and illegal materials like pornographic, obscene. Use of the company internet to send inappropriate and offensive information to others within and outside the organization. Although the company allows personal use of company internet, only reasonable use that does not waste company resources is allowed (Policy, 2020, p. 4). Employees are not permitted to use the company internet for personal benefits during working hours. Besides, the publication of false and defamatory information about the company and other stakeholders in an online platform is prohibited. Disclosure of any information considered confidential by the company or other stakeholders to personal sites by either uploading or posting.

Policy Compliance-  the Company provides access to the internet but expects employees to use it ethically and legally. Therefore, any employee who violates these policies shall face a disciplinary procedure ranging from email warning to dismissal depending on the disciplinary record and intensity of the breach .


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