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The book (Heart Berries) by Terese Marie Mailhot

Answer any three questions from the list for your book

Questions for Heart Berries

  1. What is the importance or significant of intergenerational trauma that Mailhot writes about? Discuss the horror that was her early years—a childhood marked with addiction, poverty, and abuse.
  2. In what way is Mailhot’s story reflective Adichie’s concept of the danger of a single story? In what way is Mailhot breaking stereotypes of Indians?
  3. In the essay “Indian Sick,” what are the multiple diagnoses Mailhot receives in the hospital? What is the significance of these diagnoses?
  4. What is the significance of the title Heart Berries?
  5. Mailhot uses time as a strategy in her writing. What is her purpose in shifting time so fluidly and jumping back and forth in time in her narrative?


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