Heart failure PowerPoint

Create a PowerPoint from the following 2 questions:

5. Echocardiography leads to a diagnosis of systolic CHF. What is systolic heart failure?

6. Given her diagnosis of systolic heart failure, would you expect her ejection fraction to be normal, decreased, or increased? Explain your answer.

Marjorie Taylor, age 62, comes to the emergency department with mild respiratory distress, increasing dyspnea, orthopnea, bilateral ankle edema, and sudden weight gain. She states that she has had severe hypertension for many years, and that she has been unable to afford her antihypertensive medication for the past several months.
Answer the questions in the activity below to explore the pathophysiology of Mrs. Taylor’s condition.

In 3-5 slides elaborate on the 2 questions selected


Slide 1: with a visual component describe echocardiography

Slide 2: with a visual component describe systolic heart failure

Slide 3 with a visual component describe ejection fraction and the pathophysiology of a normal heart

Slide 4: with a visual component. in systolic heart failure describe why ejection fraction is decreased

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