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Tacoma Narrows Bridge

1. The WSDOT-TNY Design Build Contract:
a. Describe the general structure of TNC’s design -build contract with WSDOT, especially as that contract structure influenced the work flow for the bridge project.
b. Identify and discuss at least three advantages and three disadvantages of such a contract.
c. As noted in the case study, the more common type of contract used in public sector projects like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a “design-bid-build” contract. What advantages does a “design-build” contract have over a “design-bid-build” agreement?

As the case study discusses, the WSDOT-TNC contract continued a rather complicated set of Liquidated damages provisions. Researching both the case study sources and other sources ,Identify the amount of liquidated damages TNC actually paid on this project.

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