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Critical Legal Thinking Case Assignment: Contract

Respond to the following Factual Scenario.

Factual Scenario:
Pat Painter has a contract to paint Harry Homeowner’s house for $6,000.00. Pat would supply all materials at a cost to Pat of $1,000. This is a valid contract in every respect. Harry breaches the contract by refusing to let Pat paint the house, which Pat found out before spending any money on the materials. Pat is able to find another job that nets a profit of $4,200 during that same time that Harry’s house was to be painted. In your paper, discuss how much, if anything, Pat can recover from Harry in monetary damages.

Important Guidelines

Your score will be determined by evaluation of your substantive content. Your analysis and solutions as applicable must be based on the principles of law presented in the text and on the course site–not merely on your opinions. You must describe how application of the principles of law to the key facts supports your determination of the issues. You need to show the reasoning behind your decision.
The length of your response has no bearing on your score. Most responses will be from one to three pages.
Key facts are those facts that determine if the principles of law are met. You do not need to repeat the factual scenario. Doing so does not meet the requirement of recognizing the key facts. You must still demonstrate you recognize those key facts.
Use FIRAC to analyze this case.

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