Contract Types

Each question below should be answered with at least 300 words and include 2 peer reviewed references each.

1. Because emails are the most common path used for intrusions, it is time for security professionals to take proactive steps to minimize this threat. Write to identify one countermeasure an organization could take to minimize the exposure of this threat. Be sure to indicate the process of implementing the countermeasure and the impact it would have on the organization as a whole.

2. One of the key elements of effective project management is bringing together multiple concepts of scope, budget, and schedule management to have a system’s view of a project. It is essential to not rely on a specific element as the sole source of your evaluation of a projects status. consider the following metrics and some potential pitfalls from the sole use of the Earned Value Analysis figures provided below:

SPI: 1.35
CPI: 0.8
What other information is essential to providing a complete evaluation of project status?

3. Link:

Review the following contract types:

Fixed-price contracts (three sub-types), Cost-reimbursable contracts (three sub-types),Time and materials contracts

Then, describe each contract type and explain whether it is the seller or buyer who prefers that contract type. Provide an example of when each contract type is generally considered the optimal choice. Add different examples than those provided in your PMBOK Guide.

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