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Summer vacations or the lack of a summer vacation

In My America…Or, Honk If You Love Buddha, Renee Tajima-Peña remembers the summer vacations she and her family went on as a child. She characterizes her parent’s desire to go on family vacations as a way to fit in after Japanese Internment and World War II, even though she and her family were painfully aware that they were the only Asian Americans on the road.

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Summer vacations or the lack of a summer vacation reveal quite a bit about race, class, and gender dynamics. Look back on your own family’s vacations or lack of vacations and find at least two photos you want to analyze. Identify and describe the vacation or summer captured in the photos you selected to analyze.  How might your family’s vacation/s or lack of vacations be different than the image of a middle class heterosexual white family on vacation? What might be different about the destinations, preparation, and maneuvering?

You will want to answer the above questions in a 1000+ essay. Please format your essay using the Modern Language Association’s (Links to an external site.)  formatting guidelines and upload load it to Canvas as a PDF file.

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