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Student Rights and “Sweatshop” Work

Student Rights and “Sweatshop” Work: The Russell Athletic Case

Please create a response to the following inquiries concerning the case study Student Advocacy and “Sweatshop” Labor: The Case of Russell Athletic using the Six Steps of Decision-Making framework from this week’s material (p. 109).


Recognize the need for a decision: What aspects should a company take into account before outsourcing labor to developing nations? consist of the following:


Causes and diagnosis: How can labor outsourcing to developing nations be managed without running the danger of becoming embroiled in a sweatshop scandal?

Alternatives creation: What are other nations trying to prevent, curtail, or get rid of sweatshops?

Choose the preferred alternative: Choose alternatives for outsourcing for businesses in developed nations, including whether to uphold or enact the same stringent labor laws and standards as in the home countries.

Which choices are preferable for outsourcing for American businesses, and how should they be implemented?

Evaluation and comments: Have other nations adopted your recommendations? Are they effective? What has happened as a result?

The following specifications should be met by your well-written response:


be 5–6 pages long, excluding the title page, abstract, and necessary reference page (none of which are ever considered to be part of the content minimum criteria).

Use APA (7th ed) style norms and standards for academic writing.

Concepts, ideas, and principles from the course textbook as well as at least two scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles should be used to support your proposal.

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