Stress Management

This Creative Reflection Essay will focus on how to cope with specific stressors which are unique or common to this group. In addition to educating them about what these stressors are and how to better manage or cope with the stressors, you will also be raising their awareness of community resources to support them in doing so.

The focus of your educational effort will be to raise their awareness about the sources of the stress, educating them about better/more healthy and more productive ways to address their common stressors.
Pick a Target Group & Identify 2-Stressors to Address:

Pick one of the following groups. Research this group and identify 2 common stress-connected problems the group shares. Be sure to document the sources for your research and how you identified the problems use the text book and workbook for this assignment.

1. Non-traditional college students (I picked up this target group since I am a nontraditional student and it is related to me)
Reflect on your process for researching and creating your ppt presentation. Address each of the following prompts. You may use “I” in this APA formatted essay. You may also write your essay in a narrative style and tone — much like you did when writing your Initial Reflection.

*Helpful hint — the prompts below may also be used as a guide to how to go about researching, creating and preparing your ppt and speech.

• What inspired you to pick the group you chose to work with? ( I am related to this group)

• Why did you want to learn more about this group and to support them?

• How did you conduct your research to find out about the unique problems this group faces?

• What exactly were the groups needs and how did you decide which of the needs to focus on? Why were these needs the most important to address

• What important things did you learn about your group? Who were the people you talked with for this presentation?
• How did you incorporate this information into your presentation?
• How did you go about deciding which resources were the best one’s for your group?
• How did you decide what information about these resources your group needed to have in order to successfully make use of these resources?

• What are some questions you needed to ask in order to create this project? Where did you find your answers?

• Were their any particular emotional reactions to what you learned or saw in the process of researching and creating this project?

• What specific theories, concepts or ideas are you applying from your text/course content to create your presentation.

• What was the most challenging aspect of this project? How did you overcome this challenge?

• How might you use the experience of creating this presentation in your career or in another course?

Use evidence-based material for your educational information. Your presentation should include scholarly sources of information to support the educational and awareness building information about the 2 stressors, and effective management/coping techniques and approaches.

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