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For this Unit Four Discussion Board Research Project you will assume the role of an art critic around 1800 who has been deeply influenced by the art historical writing on classical art by Johann Joachim Winckelmann.  You have been asked to write an essay for a popular newspaper regarding artistic trends over the course of the eighteenth century from your perspective at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  Influenced by Winckelmann, you have decided to discuss the importance of artists basing their approach, style, and subject matter on classical precedents, and wish to compare and contrast this with non-classically inspired approaches.  To write your essay, you must do the following:

1.  Research online and find ONE example of a Neoclassical work of art from the time period covered in this unit (1700-1850).

2.  Research online and fine ONE example of a work of art from ONLY one of the following styles/periods during this timeframe:

  • Rococo
  • Genre Scene
  • Romanticism

[NOTE: for your two works of art, you may NOT use any images from the textbook or unit lesson file!]

3.  With your two works selected, respond to the following prompts and questions in your essay:

  • Describe your Neoclassical work in regards to it as indicative of a Neoclassical approach.
    • Depending on the work you selected, does your example refer to Neoclassicism as an indicator of an academic artistic approach and tradition?
    • Does it refer to idealized concepts of society or government?
    • How did artists, academicians (those associated with the academy), and historians like Winckelmann discuss classical and Neoclassical art?
  • Describe your second artwork as compared and contrasted with the Neoclassical work.
    • How is it different or similar to the Neoclassical example in style?  subject matter?  meaning?
    • Does it appear to suggest a different approach or concern with social values or conditions?
    • How does your second work of art relate to the ways that time period or style was discussed in the unit?

Write up your argument as a two-to-four (2-4) page essay and submit it directly to the Unit Four discussion board by copying-and-pasting your text into your post.  Remember to either link directly to your images or attach them to your post as files.

This Discussion Board Research Project is worth up to 100 points and will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • following all the instructions carefully and completing the assignment correctly
  • the appropriateness of your chosen works of art in regards to the time period and styles you associate them with
  • the veracity and logic of your argument and depth of your analysis
  • how critically and correctly you apply concepts, information, and terminology from this unit
  • the clarity of your thoughts in your writing and organization of your submission
  • using proper spelling and grammar

NOTE: Students are encouraged to prepare their posts in a separate word processor (such as Microsoft Word,, or Google Docs) to thoroughly edit their work and take advantage of spellcheck and grammar check, before submitting their work BY COPY-AND-PASTE to the message board (do not upload a file attachment!).


Last Updated on March 17, 2018

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