Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM)

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  1. Explain the role of “HR performance driver” and “HR enabler,” based on Haridas’ explanation of HR Scorecard, in your HR diagram. Then, explain how your HR practices are vertically aligned in your diagram using “agency theory” that we discussed in class.
  2. Discuss how you could modify current HR systems in order to improve “coordination flexibility” and “resource flexibility” respectively.
  3. What does it mean by “mediation” and “moderation” in strategic human resource management? Show an example of mediation relationship, and an example of moderation relationship based on the articles or in-class discussions that we covered in class.
  4. What is “Blackbox” in strategic human resource management? Discuss how this Blackbox could be beneficial for firms, based on the “resource-based view” of a firm.
  5. How does “industry differentiation” influence the impact of HR system on firm performance?
  6. According to Ji et al., (2014), what are the relationships between employment security on firm performance concerning the a) linear relationship, b) curvilinear relationship, and c) moderation relationship? What are the lessons that we could learn from these findings?


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