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Course wrap up discussion

In this final discussion, tell us about something from this class that you think will stick with you for a while after the semester is done.

Only Choice: Beyond the Course

We have covered a lot of topics in the past few weeks and maybe something you learned really resonated with you. Let’s share with each other what got your attention.

Initial Post

Choose the following questions in your initial post!

  1. What is something from the course that you think you will remember after the semester is done?
  2. Why do you think you will remember it? Is it surprising, relatable, or something else?
  3. Was this something different from what you thought before taking this course?


  1. Read the posts of at least two other students analyzed one of the clips.
  2. Respond with your own comment on your classmate’s post. What do you think of their choice and reflection? Could you relate to what they wrote? How?

There is no minimum word limit for replies, but they should go beyond a simple “Wow!” or “Makes me think.” Have your replies submitted by the end of Sunday.


A full score will be given to a post and replies that address all of the required points. The breakdown of the assigned score are:

  • Initial Post (6 points)
  1. Thorough and accurate answer to all three questions (4 points)
  2. College-level use of spelling and grammar (2 points)
  • Replies (4 points)
  1. At least two replies that demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the initial post (4 points)


Last Updated on May 23, 2019

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