Iron Man is Born

The paper should not be long–no more than 2 pages (500 words minimum).

Read the document and respond to the questions at the end. Number your responses to correspond to the questions and answer each question in a new paragraph. Each paragraph should include support drawn directly from the source.

The Cold War forms the organizing principle of the period after World war II. On one level, the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union or between West and East, capitalism and communism- was quite real. The Cold War was the central fact of American foreign policy between the end of World War II n 1945 and the end of communist rule in the Soviet Union in 1991. Through a series of flashpoints, including Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba, the

two sides jockeyed for advantage in a deadly, global game of chess. During that period the Cold War also dominated and defined American Life. The following document helped to define and portray the Soviet Union for the American People. The March 1963 Iron Man Comic- the very first one to appear endorsed a national Cold War consensus against a monolithic communist menace. Iron Man reflected the naive assumptions and expectations that many

Americans held about Vietnam.


1) How did the Iron Man comic reinforce the dominant Cold War paradigm?
2) How did the Iron Man comic attempt to give shape and meaning to the lives of many Americans?
3) What was Iron Man fighting for and against?
4) How did the threat of communism compare to the 21st century threat of communism?

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