Statistical methods

Pick a topic that you are passionate about so you can build on the topic throughout the term. You can select the same topic you picked for M2 Health Data Blog. (If you are a dental MPH track student, please try to select a topic related to dentistry or oral health.) Then, find an original study (not a review article) on your topic that was published within the past 5 years.

Write a brief summary (approximately 250 words) of the research topic/question, study sample, type of design used, and statistical methods used in the article. Include your opinion about how well this study was conducted. Please attach the full-text peer reviewed article or a link to the article.


References required: total of 2 – 1 can be textbook. Attach the full-text peer-reviewed article or a link to the article.

1. Apply epidemiological methods to the breadth of settings and situations in public health practice.
2. Select quantitative and qualitative data collection methods appropriate for a given public health context.
3. Analyze quantitative and qualitative data using biostatistics, informatics, computer-based programming and software, as appropriate.
4. Interpret results of data analysis for public health research, policy, or practice.

Learning Objectives:
1. Communicate on oral and public health issues.
2. Critically appraise evidence to address oral health issues for individuals and populations.
3. Discuss sample selections to address public health issues.
4. Explain and apply the Central Limit Theorem.

5. Identify biases associated with sampling.


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