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Nursing Literature Review

Literature Review

A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic in peer-reviewed journals. The purpose of a literature review is to present what is known on the topic and what strengths and weaknesses exist in the literature. (Refer back to your PICO worksheet that has your initial search information – database, etc.).

In preparation for this assignment, complete the following:

  • Select a topic and formulate a research question that is relevant to your nursing practice and is also of great interest to you- Already done – check this off your list!
  • Locate six articles that are relevant to your research question. These publications must be original research studies (experimental and non-experimental). Include at least one systematic review with meta-analysis, if possible. You are not to include published literature reviews. If you choose an article that is not of the correct type, you will lose points. Feel free to check with the instructor if you are not sure whether or not an article is appropriate for the review.
  • You may obtain these articles from TSU Library or any appropriate source. The RCT and systematic review with meta-analysis selected for your critiques may be included as two of the studies for the literature reviewYour paper should be 8 – 10 pages in length not including the abstract or references. PAPERS MORE THAN 10 PAGES IN LENGTH WILL NOT BE GRADED.

Your paper should be organized as follows: PLEASE following this order:

Title Page (APA format)

  • Abstract (APA and include key words)
  • Introduction:
    • Introduce the problem, define the health problem you are presenting
    • Include your PICO(T) question
    • Discuss the prevalence and impact of the problem.
    • Complete this with a general statement on research in the field. (Be sure to include the purpose of your paper in the introduction.)
  • Analysis:
    • Present research on the health problem, guiding the reader through a presentation of each research study.
    • Summarize the research. Analyze the validity and methods of each study.
    • You will present at least six (6) research studies in your literature review.
  • Consistencies and Contradictions:
    • Point out consistencies and contradictions in the literature, and offer possible explanations for inconsistencies
  • Conclusions/Recommendations:
    • State what is known and still not known about the problem,
    • Provide preliminary conclusions on whether the research provides strong evidence to support a change in practice, or whether further research is needed to adequately address your inquiry.
  • References


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