Find one JOURNAL ARTICLE from a peer reviewed journal no more than 5 years old on a topic of your interest related to child welfare. This should be a 1-2 page typed review following APA format. My advice would be pick one topic (e.g. child sexual abuse, single parent families, ad infinitum) and do each of your assigned article reviews on that topic, but that is not a mandate.

Read the article carefully three times. Then write a summary of the article that is between 400-450 words. Submit via Canvas. Tell what the purpose of the article was, the conclusions of the researchers, and any relevant information you think would be useful to the reader of your summary (ME). If you have any criticism (positive or negative) include that. Most importantly, describe thoroughly what you LEARNED. In addition the reviews will be evaluated based on:
After locating a peer reviewed journal article reporting a research study, answer the following questions.

What type of research is used in the article? Remember that the 3 main forms of research are qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods.

What was the research question or hypothesis?

What results were found? (1 Points)

What are the implications of the results for human services? That is, what kinds of services or policies should agencies provide, based on this article?(1 Points)

What is your opinion of this article? E.g. does it support or contradict your beliefs, what you learned in the text etc.? (1 Points)
Reference the article according to the American Psychological Association (APA) style For example:
Warriner, D. S. (2007). Language learning and the politics of belonging: Sudanese women refugees becoming and being “American.” Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 38(4), 287-343.

Part Two

What are the differences between stresses faced by foster parents and stresses faced by foster children?

  1. Discuss two findings from the Childhood adverse events study that you previously did not know.
  2. Discuss the implications of the childhood adverse events study as you understand them.


Evidence of proof reading (fewer than 3 typos) based on a thorough summary and review. (1 Points)
Article from a professional journal. (1 Points)



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