Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone

Project Scope Statement and Initial Literature Review

Due Week 1

The first part of this assignment is draft a project scope statement.
1. Write a one page statement that outlines the problem or opportunity you would like to explore. Try to focus on a specific area of business or not-for-profit work that is consistent with your career interests and will provide an opportunity for you to develop competencies that can be leveraged in your career plans. Your instructor will review this statement and your initial literature review and provide guidance to help you focus in on the topic you will explore in the rest of this course.

2. After you have drafted your project scope statement you will need to complete an annotated bibliography related to your APPROVED from the Week 1 proposal. Please refer to this link to learn more about the purpose and contents of the annotated bibliography: OWL at Purdue

Be sure to complete all three components of the annotated bibliography (summarize, assess, reflect). Your initial annotated bibliography should include 12-15 sources/references and should follow APA writing style. References should be no older than five years, but classic texts that outline well-established theories may be included in three of the sources.

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