Security and Privacy

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In this Discussion you will critique the actions of an administrator interacting with a peer leader, the organizational CIO, in a stressful situation involving data compromise. You are asked to think through various risk management strategies that might have been deployed to avoid this type of a situation in the future. Emphasis is placed on leadership behaviors and recommendations on how this leader might have acted differently to achieve the most constructive outcome in a volatile situation.

Video Prompt and Response: CIO with administrator exploring first access. Breach of security protocol.

To prepare:

  • Review the Protecting Patient Data I media piece in your Learning Resources
  • Reflect on the principles of security, privacy, and ethics as they apply to HIT systems and this scenario.
  • Consider risk management strategies for the management of strategic information assets using best IT industry practices.


  • Prepare a comment in response to the Protecting Patient Data Imedia piece. Critique the actions of the administrator in her conversation with the CIO. From a security, privacy, and ethics standpoint how might the administrator have handled the conversation differently? What risk management strategies could have been used?


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