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COM 510 Final Project 3 Guidelines and Rubric

There are three final projects for this course. See the Final Project 1 and Final Project 2 Guidelines and Grading Rubrics for more information. For Final Project 3 you will create a written defense.

In the first project, you employed media literacy skills to research a contemporary digital media topic of choice and develop an annotated bibliography. The
creation of this document allowed you to research and evaluate online sources, peer-reviewed journals, and publications to secure factual and relevant content.

In the second project, you created a webpage to position yourself as a knowledgeable communications professional, promote brand identity, and deliver
authentic information. You appropriately curated content for inclusion on the webpage from the research you conducted and integrated multimedia and new
media resources in support of online, global content creation.

In the third project, you will now write a written defense for the choices you made in verifying the validity of your research, your process of curating existing
content for your webpage, as well as how you established and promoted your professional brand. In this paper, you will need to be cognizant of how you
integrated your research in order to avoid any potential issues with copyright, plagiarism, and other ethical issues.
You will practice defending your choices by writing a reflection in the journal in Module Four. The final submission will be in Module Nine.

In this assignment you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
· Utilize industry-specific approaches and academic standards for preventing copyright infringement, plagiarism, and other potential ethical issues in the creation of web-based media

· Evaluate the relevance, credibility, and legitimacy of sources for use as web-based content
· Select appropriate communication delivery methods for original content for integration on webpages
· Curate existing online content for a global audience, utilizing responsible and ethical approaches
· Integrate relevant technological tools and communication methods for conveying considerations of a professional brand

In Final Project 3, you will compose a written defense for the choices you made in creating and composing content for your webpage. Specifically, you must
address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets).

I. Evaluation of Content and Curation

A. Discuss your process for analyzing sources of information for validation and academic value.
B. Explain how you evaluated online content for its relevance and validity in supporting your topic. Provide examples to support your response.
C. Describe specific approaches and standards you applied when creating your webpage in order to avoid plagiarism and ethically cite the sources
you used.
D. Defend your curation approach for being both responsible and ethical in creating original content through existing, relevant online information.
Provide evidence to support your claims.
E. Articulate how you would revise your curated content if you were asked to modify your webpage for a global audience. In other words, how
would the point of view and commentary you added to the curated content need to be adapted to suit a variety of audiences and cultures?

II. Multimedia and Digital Formats

A. Describe your rationale behind your selection of integrated multimedia and digital media formats.
B. Explain the process for incorporating multimedia and digital media formats into an online format such as your webpage.
III. Professional Brand Support
A. Identify elements of your professional brand conveyed through your webpage.
B. Describe, using examples from your webpage, how your webpage may be used as a tool for professional development and branding.
C. Explain how you decided which technological tools and communication methods were relevant in conveying your professional brand. Provide
specific examples to support your response.
D. Recommend development opportunities to improve your webpage and increase your brand recognition.

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