Samsung's strategies to achieve her goals, threats, opportunities, & financial performance.

For primary data by visiting a company of your choice and collecting data using survey.
You can also collect data from their published report or information lying on their

For secondary data i.e., published data. You can use articles on the given topic. You can
use the web as well but take care of plagiarism.

All web references have to be also made using the complete web address and the date of

Make at but 4 cbaptm quur projcct apart.

Chapter 1 Introduction i: divided to (1) company’s history, (2) when it started, (3)
missions, & vision, (4) research problem, (5) the objectives of your research, & (6)
method adopted for the research.

Chapter 2 should be dedicated to the Review of Literature.

In this portion of project, do the comprehensive review of literature. It means read and

analyze the topic you have been given from various research sources which are published

already. You can make summaries and condense the learning from your review. Learn how to
do the content analysis of a particular portion of the reference which you find relevant and
worth quoting in your review.

Chapter 3 is to present your analysis from the survey.

This chapter is meant to present your data and relate it with the concept understood by you

on the relevant topic. This chapter is the pith and substance of the whole report and your

grading depends a lot on the debut: and on’giaaligy of the data discussed and analyzed
here showing your hands on research training.

Chapter 4 should be divided to (1) lesson learnt, (2) recommendations, (3) Conclusion.

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Samsung’s strategies to achieve her goals, threats, opportunities, & financial performance.

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