Statistic Report

Pick a topic or area that interests you that has some data available. Try and pick something that is passionate to you or something that is useful to you in some way (data from your workplace). Have a good question(s) that you can research.

Go into the Blackboard Discussion board and post your topic in the Statistical  NO TWO TOPICS CAN BE ALIKE – Must be unique



Collect data that relates to your topic using primary or secondary sources.



Analyze the data and identify characteristics that are meaningful and interesting to you. Answer some questions. It may be a trend or some other characteristic of the information such as central tendency, variation, hypothesis testing or other characteristic. (You need to analyze RAW data. Do not find percentages online and then interpret them. In other words, you need to do your own calculations – not report on someone else’s)



Prepare a report following these three main points:

  1. Why this topic was interesting to you? What is your question?
  2. How you acquired the data? (specific websites, your own survey, data from work)
  3. What was the result of your analysis? Answer your question. Also include why the selected characteristics were meaningful.


Report should be more than 1 page and less than 2 – not counting data, graphs and charts. 


Last Updated on April 27, 2020

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