Research paper on Philosopher Jean Bodin

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Each student will write a paper on a western political theorist of the student’s choice that is in the text book but not covered in class (not on the course outline). The paper will evaluate the selected theorist’s influence on the present, biographical information about the theorist will be limited to less than a page. The paper will focus on the theory not the person. Outside research is required for this paper a minimum of two outside sources are required not including the text book. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are good starting places but are not considered academically acceptable sources.

Paper Format and Expectations:

Section 1. Student’s must choose a theorist not covered in the course but is in the text book and apply their theory to modern society. In the first section of the paper students should describe the theorist’s metaphysics, a broad overview of the theory, and a brief biography–if appropriate. In addition this section should address the following questions why is the theory unique, and why is it important. This section should be about 2-3pages.

Section 2. Detailed discussion of the theorist’s theory, argument and conclusions. The discussion of the theory should be a detailed examination of one aspect of the theory that is applied to modern society. The discussionshould include critiques of the theory. This section should be the bulk of the paper roughly 3-4 pages in length.

Section 3. Apply the theory discussed to modern society. Discuss how the theory is relevant today. Several examples of how the theory is relevant to modern society should be explored. You can argue how the theory is misapplied today as well. Sources should be used to support why the theory is relevant. This section of the paper should be 2 pages in length.

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