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Reflecting on the last 3 weeks learning

Build creatively on the view below by showing in depth intelligent critique of theory or practice,add an international or cultural aspect, show originality in the application of theory and clarify the theory being studied. and provide real examples;



The study of leadership within the framework of organizational context is a fundamental approach used in evaluating the complexity of human behaviors in shaping the developmental processes of an organization to achieve the desired result. Though leadership is a complex process as recognized by Northouse, the application of the leadership approach has being the bedrock of organizational growth that promotes structural elements in leadership disposition. Reflecting on the learning of leadership, the application of its approach shows that leadership is a vital concept that enhances corporate development. The evaluation of leadership approach from the understanding of traits, skills and styles in making critical decisions that enhances growth is the main frame of leadership study.

Though various leader processes different traits but the application of different approaches in delivering leadership potentials has been proven to deliver the best result since no leadership quality can operates alone without the fusion and integration of other approaches.

Reflecting on the last 3 weeks learning

Reflecting on the last 3 weeks learning shows that the study of leadership and examining leadership in consonance with the evaluation of leadership and management theory give us the full understanding of the similarity and difference the operates between them. The analysis of personality traits in leadership disposition allows us to understand while some leaders are more productive than others and which leadership qualities can be seen as inborn or developed. These elements of personality traits includes: Intelligence, Self confidence, Determination, Integrity and Sociality (Northouse, P.G. (2013) pp 23)

A further development of leadership skill and styles helps in appreciating how skill and leadership styles can help in developing the personality traits possess by leaders. The skill acquisition enhances competency and promotes self confidence in a leader while styles control the mode at which those qualities are delivered for better performance. The application of skill and style in conjunction with leadership traits will help build a formidable and effective leadership concept. Continuously, the application of relationship process to leadership will help the leader in creating a unified concept that drives his potentials towards making the followers appreciates the principles of leadership.

Lastly, the need for the understanding of the context of situation in the application of situational leadership helps the leaders in applying their leadership qualities in solving problems at a specific situation that arise within the organizational framework.

How each week materials relates to one another

Evaluating leadership approach as discussed in the last three weeks gave an indication of the systemic model of leadership complexity. Then, looking at the materials for the 3 weeks in relation to the under linking concept of each week shows that no one singular approach can make effective leadership measurement. The study of personality traits within the concept of leadership and management shows that an effective leader needs the skill and style potentials to manage a situation and managing situation requires a holistic approach of the entire leadership concept that fit into that context. So, reviewing this, it must be noted that the knowledge and skill acquired will help in empowering personality traits in a leader and motivates his leadership styles in solving problems at certain situation.

How to develop great leaders

In developing great leaders, the writer evaluates the concept of leadership development (LD) in some of the major companies like Zappos, General Electric (GE) and Procter and Gamble (P&G) whose concept and application of leadership development in enhancing their corporate growth and development varies from one dimension to another. As recognized by co— that “their is no best way to grow leaders, the companies that do it best share certain characteristics”.

Within the concept of this analysis, the writer sees Zappos as a corporate organization that carefully tailored their leadership development towards the unique business strategy and organizational culture, while GE keep people engage in a changing climate and maintaining full commitment to leadership development. Apart from the two companies enumerated above, P& G sees leadership development as an accelerated experiences, ‘and a program that provides developing leaders the experience of running small business with huge strategic potentials (O’Connell, & Larrere, (2010) he also evaluated the cultural approach to leadership development which makes Zappos culture to focus on learning oriented fun workplace while P&G and other complex organization operates in a traditional culture and others like ABB enjoys the culture of collaboration for innovation. This and many more moves were the ideology and research findings of the writer in developing those leaders for present and future utilization.

Relationship between the ideas in the selected article and the learning of the three weeks

Evaluating the ideas in the article shows that leadership development is the antidotes for discovering and developing the leadership traits in identifying a leader for optimum corporate utilization for growth and development. This concept helps in developing most of the approaches evaluated in the course of the study that associated with trait, skill and style and the application of this concept in situations management

The need to understand the effectiveness of leadership in promoting culture was further developed in the path go theory by .Schriesheim, & Neider, (1996) revealed that “the effective leaders is one who assist subordinates through path which ultimately leads to organizationally – desired and individually valued outcome”, and this was further reiterated by Sir Donald in Fifty Lessons, Ltd. (Producer). (2010) that “one of the reason I av learned is to involve the appropriate staff in setting the direction of the company”

Application of the ideas and concept presented in the article to my leadership

Having evaluated the articles, and understanding the stand points of leadership development within the concept of organization culture, and practices, I believe that the need to promotes development of leaders in any organization is a perfect step towards achieving the great goal as presented by O’Connell, & Larrere, (2010) that,” when things are easy, leadership can be taking for granted.

When the world is turbulent, you appreciate great people”. The various examples presented in the article on the implementation of leadership development is a reflection on leaders being built for organizational growth and tapping into the ideology will creates room for development of leadership approach to become a great leader. Consequently, applying the ideas will help me in the ongoing program of the UoL MBA – Leadership and this shows that I am in the right path for my leadership growth.

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