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Critical Analysis of Lysistrata

Critical Analysis of Lysistrata

Original Thesis: Main point of the play is we all feel the need to control using whatever is at our disposal to get what we want whether it be sex, money, power, and so on.

Updated Thesis: Lysistrata is about using the tools whatever necessary to manipulate people to gain advantage over them, forcing them to cower to your thoughts and beliefs.

This critical analysis of the meaning of Lysistrata can be written from the perspective of virtue ethics if you find that useful, but you are free to select another context or combination of contexts in which to analyze the play too. Just be sure that you share the process of how your working thesis evolved into your revised thesis through a confrontation with and accommodation of anomalous details. This final draft should be at least 750 words long.

Third and/or Fourth paragraph introduces other ways of seeing the play different than YOUR thesis statement (anomalous evidence presented here)

Next paragraph discusses the differences between your original thesis and the new evidence others might present from the last section

Last paragraph gives a NEW revised thesis statement that takes into account the CHANGE from your original thesis through the anomalous evidence to this final state.

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