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Quotations, Questions, and Talking Points

Read the assigned article and respond using the “QQTP – Quotations, Questions, and Talking Points” method below. This assignment should be a minimum of two pages and will include a reference page. Use your analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate the article and apply principles and theory from the textbook.

This assignment is worth 30 points.

Role of Mobile Phones in Family Communication.pdf

Format your responses using the following headings:

Quotation – Choose a quotation that you feel is significant and memorable. Cite the quotation using ASA guidelines. Describe why you chose it, and what is significant for you. You could be agreeing or disagreeing with the statement. (5 points)

Questions – What questions do you have about the data used, arguments made, and information provided. What kind of research methods were used? What prompted your question? What is missing in the data, and who is the cohort studied? How is it connected to this course or your personal life? (5 points)

3 Talking Points
 – (bulleted statements) Discuss three major talking points. For each talking point you might include the following: Why is it significant to you? Do you agree or disagree? How might you apply these points to the content of this course or the textbook? Each talking point will also require an ASA in-text citation (5 points for each statement =15 points)

Additional requirements:

ASA Style Paper Mechanics –

Properly formatted reference page, correct citations, grammar and spelling. (5 points)


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