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Public Health Concept Paper

Unit VII Concept Paper

Weight: 12% of course grade


For this assignment, you will utilize information and research from the assignments in previous units to create a concept paper on the community health of the community you have chosen. You will incorporate your opinions and perspectives, supported by research and data you discovered in your previous assignments.

Your concept paper should contain best practices, philosophies, and other related issues that you believe should be acted on in the near future for the betterment of the community. It should also illustrate the unique roles and requirements of a community health worker serving this area.

Be sure to consider any feedback you received from your professor in previous assignments as you address the following areas in your concept paper.

  • Give an overview of your community to include any relevant population, demographic, cultural, social, or economic characteristics.
  • Identify a significant determinant of health that impacts your community.
  • Identify a specific public health issue that is commonly seen by a multicultural or diverse population in the community.
  • Describe a local health promotion program that is failing or lacking in the community that could help meet the determinants of health needs of the diverse population in the community.
  • Discuss the community health framework/model that can be applied to the health promotion program.
  • Discuss a law or policy that could alleviate determinant of health issues if it were in place.
  • Discuss the role a CHW would play in addressing determinants of health, multicultural or diverse populations, and health equity in the community.
  • Identify the role a CHW can play and the collaboration needed with others in the community to effect system, environmental, and policy changes.
  • Discuss the skills and traits a CHW would need to be a successful change agent in this community.
  • Conclude your concept paper with recommendations and expectations of positive change in the public health of the community.

Your concept paper will be a minimum of four pages, not counting the title and reference pages. It should be logically arranged to support your analysis and offer strong arguments and evidence.

You must use at least four sources (one of which must come from the CSU Online Library) to support the analysis and discussion in your concept paper.

All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Your concept paper, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.

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