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Promoting Health Care Quality – Quality Improvement Issue

Promoting Health Care Quality- Quality Improvement Issue

To help you move forward with your Course Project, this week you identify a quality issue that you would like to address and submit a description of this issue for Instructor feedback, Your proposed issue should reflect a genuine need for improvement within your

selected health care organization. Through your Course Project, you will analyze this issue and propose strategies to improve

outcome(s), including the redesign of a related process.

To prepare: -Review the six quality improvement aims from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) presented in Chapter 3 of the Sadeghi,

Barzi, Mikhail, and Shabot text.

-Conduct a search of the literature to help you identify a specific issue that warrants attention and action to promote quality


-Consider what you have surmised thus far through your analysis of the organization that you selected. What have you noticed that

could help you identify a quality-related need for improvement? For instance:

-What has captured your attention in meetings, reports, and/or daily activities?

-Have you noticed discrepancies between activities in the organization and recommendations in the research literature, quality

standards, and/or the organization’s stated policies and procedures?

-If so, what do you think could be the reason(s) for variations or gaps between what you have observed and what is recommended?

-Identify a quality improvement issue that you would like to investigate for this project.

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Publishing Company.
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health care organizations, Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.
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J. (2011). Defining and assessing organizational culture. Nursing Forum, 46(1), 29-37.

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