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Professionalism Essay Sample

Professionalism refers to the specialization in the unique field in the career. This refers to how an individual conduct him or herself as far as the career is concerned. Professionalism can also be defined as qualities that characterize a profession portrayed by an individual. Professionalism entails a strong personal commitment towards the profession of choice, and this enhances success. Professionals are known for unique knowledge in their field of specialization with relevant certifications as evidence of their qualifications and foundation of their knowledge (Ife,2013).

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In the field of international aid and development, individuals are expected to portray a high degree of professionalism. They must appreciate diversity because they deal with many people with various needs in society. International aid focuses on the regions where people have been affected by various disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hunger, among others. Individuals working with international aid and development organizations should portray a high degree of competency. They should understand how to handle the victims well without prejudice with a high level of reliability. Professionals working with international aid agencies should always focus on seeking solutions to various challenges faced by individuals in society.

Professionalism demands honesty and integrity from individuals without compromising their values (Roth, 2012). Once they are assigned the responsibility for delivering essential items to a given region where individuals have been affected by the disaster, they should ensure they deliver all the items without corruption or laxity. Once they establish that the victims require more than they have, they must mobilize the leadership to provide enough aid for the well-being of the victims. Professionalism demands accountability; hence individuals working with international aid agencies should be accountable for their actions mainly when the products meant for humanitarian aid have defected to the individuals. They should be ready to admit the mistake and promise a way forward to mitigate the risks that might be faced upon the consumption of harmful products by the target population.

In international aid and development, there are challenges where the resources might be limited to enhance the satisfaction of all the individuals affected by a disaster. However, professionalism demands equality where all the individuals must be helped as far as their efforts are concerned.


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