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Ethical conduct is crucial to understand and adopt in terms of passing any licensing exam in the industry and demonstrating: your professionalism, enhancing your professional reputation and long-term career potential.

Make sure you have read the documents located in the Reading area prior to beginning this Assignment.

Assignment: After completing your assigned Reading:

Read the scenario, and then address the checklist items below. Support your answers based on the resources provided in the Unit 10 Reading area and explain how you will address the scenario.

Checklist: In a minimum of 1 ½ to 2 pages, address the following in a short essay format and submit to the Dropbox:

What ethics code violations have been committed in this scenario? Describe the specific instances of violations and why they are considered infractions.
Describe how knowledge of the code of ethics with regards to this scenario would impact your conduct as a potential practicing sales associate, and why.
Remember to submit your paper in APA format and citation style to the Dropbox.

Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental.

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