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Population Health Management Dashboard



Age Group Prevalence 95% Confidence Interval

18-24 years 5.4% (3.7-7.1%)

25-34 years 10.3% (8.6-11.9%)

35-44 years 15.1% (13.3-17.0%)

45-54 years 24.8% (22.8-26.9%)

55-64 years 38.5% (36.6-40.5%)

65+ years 52.7% (51.0-54.3%)

Executive Dashboard

Explanation of data on the dashboard

Cancer cases in Minnesota

There is a declining trend for new cancer cases with males reporting higher cases than females. Even there has been a general decline trend, in the latest year that is 2017, both females and males recorded an increase in the number of the cases (Minnesota Department of Health, 2020). Therefore, healthcare systems should be designed to handle a possible surge in the number of cases in the near future.

Minnesota cancer cases by ethnicity

From the dashboard, it is revealed that the cancer incidence was highest among American Indians and least amongst Asian Pacific (Minnesota Department of Health, 2020). Therefore, higher rates of the cancer cases in some ethnic groups are concern that requires urgent medical attention.

Cancer cases in Minnesota by age

It is noted that cancer cases increase with age. This could be possibly due to a decrease in the level of immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with health policies that will help to screen adult people especially those who are 55 years and above so that their status can be known. Additionally, awareness programs should be developed targeting those that are 40 years and above.

Risk factors for breast cancer

Breast is the most form of cancer to the women. In Minnesota, breast cancer is a serious health issue. Obesity, inactivity and overdrinking have been identified as some of the risk factors contributing to about 30% of the breast cancer cases (Minnesota Department of Health, 2019). In view of this, it is necessary for the healthcare system to come up with programs to sensitize women on some behaviors that expose them to breast cancer.

Breast cancer incidence and mortality rate.

Breast cancer cases seem to be higher to the Whites and least to Asian Pacific. The number of the population could be the reason for such variation but the scientific investigation should be conducted to establish the main reason for such variation. On the contrary, the mortality rate is highest to the America Indian against the expectation that an ethnic group with the highest incidence rate would have the highest mortality rate (Minnesota Department of Health, 2019). This confirms the need for scientific investigation.

Minnesota On-time graduation

Education is one of social determinate of health. Education creates opportunities for employment and earns income which influences eating habits and way of the living and ultimately affect health system. This creates a necessity to determine on-time graduation. According to 2015 data given for On-time graduation for the state of Minnesota, 84% of all students graduate on time (MRP, 2016). Finally, when an ethnic aspect is taken into consideration to establish on-time graduation, White is on the apex and Native America on the bottom.

Minnesota poverty level

Poverty level influences the ability of the people to access healthcare. Poverty level should be a concern to the healthcare providers because poor people translates to poor health. The overall poverty rate is has been identified as 10% (Minnesota State Demographic Center, 2018). Further, ethnic decomposition shows American Indian takes lead followed by the Black. This is important because it helps to establish programs and services that can be offered that are within the reach of the majority.

Cardiovascular disease

This considers two areas of concern. First, it is the indicators of the stroke which shows that for all heart disease and stroke measured are stable and improving hence no cause of alarm. Finally, prevention and management which shows management and prevention approaches which are taken by the firm are stable and others are improving (Minnesota Department of Health, 2019). In the nutshell, even though Minnesota has control over the cardiovascular condition, the healthcare system should remain aggressive, lean and agile to ensure all cases are managed with the highest expertise.


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