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PayPal Organization

Required Reading:

The journals are in the upload files
Wind, Y. (. (2008). A plan to invent the marketing we need today. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(4), 21-28.

Decker, R., Wagner, R., & Sören, W. S. (2005). An internet-based approach to environmental scanning in marketing planning. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 23(2), 189-199.

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Unit 4 Assignment

Write the Marketing section of the project paper. Marketing (to include market and environmental analysis)
This section should be a minimum of 1375-1500 words and include at least 6 APA formatted references one of which may be the company or SBA website depending on your type of project.

Topics to include:

identify the main products/services
analyze the marketing and marketing strategy of the firm,
discuss the products, product mix, and product strategies, and
discuss the sales methods employed to create revenue

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