Uber case study

  • Here is the assignment:  you have been hired as a strategic consultant to Uber (Case 12: Uber in 2016).  Please prepare a strategic analysis, including specific recommendations, for Uber’s top management team.  In terms of structure and content, this report should resemble that of the Tom’s case.  However, one Big difference:  please confine yourself to the case this time.  In other words, no outside sources.  Hence, since the case does not have financial data, you will not be able to do a financial analysis.  So it goes.


  • It is required second level thinking since it is not allowed outside sources. However, if you really need outside sources to make a better paper. Then I am glad let you use it, but please try to find similar sources with that I uploaded “case 12 :Uber” and use less and less sources please.



  • Tools that must be in the papers are: PESTEL analysis, Driving forces, Five forces, SWOT analysis, Strategic Group analysis, VRIN analysis, Key success factors, Weighted competitive strength analysis.

After each tool, please brief explain about the tools (3 to 4 sentences will be great). And the explanation must be named as “Takeaway.”

Last Updated on March 25, 2018

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