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Organizational Research Methods

Organizational Research Methods

Qualitative Portion of the Exam

This is an open-book, open-note INDIVIDUAL exam.  You may use any of the material from the course to answer the questions but you may NOT work with any other student or ask anyone questions about the exam OTHER than the professor.  The Exam (qualitative and quantitative) is worth a total of 150 points (75 points in the qualitative portion and 75 points for the quantitative section.  The quantitative portion of the exam is in a separate document and is posted once the material is covered based on the dates in the syllabus.


Please respond to questions in the spaces provided.  The total possible points for this section are 75.


Be sure to read the last statement on the exam and follow the directions.


  1. Types of data – as you think about conducting research one of the important considerations is to think about the data you will gather. You need to be sure you collect the right kind of data.  Look at the items below – determine if they are nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio.  Place the correct letter to the left of the description.(up to 16 points)



 A person’s reaction timeA = nominal

B = ordinal

C = interval

D = ratio

 The score on the Graduate Records Exam
 The type of computer you use on a regular basis (e.g. Mac, Dell, HP, etc.)
 The rankings of University libraries in the Midwest (in terms of library holdings)
 The number of students registered for a class
 The reason you travel (e.g. business, vacation, personal business, etc.)
 The ranking of restaurants in the Twin Cities (Number X to Number XXXX)
 The number of miles per gallon a particular vehicle gets


  1. Using the material regarding a “good” problem statement, select ONLY three of the following problem statements and state why they need to be rewritten then rewrite them to meet the approved practices as stated in the handout OR if they meet the approved practices, explain why.For your responses, YOU MUST USE THE TABLE BELOW THE PROBLEM STATEMENT to complete your answer(up to 12 points)


  1. Most agencies are adhering to handling the interview and selection process with in-house staff who have been trained and educated to handle those duties and tasks. However, some agencies are making the transition to hiring independent agencies and contractors to handle the interview and selection process. The reason for this trend is clearly to avoid the litigation that has been brought against numerous agencies for discrimination in hiring practices and to establish affirmative action (Allen, 2003).


State why “problem statement a” needs to be rewritten then rewrite ot to meet the approved practices as stated in the handout OR if it is good as written, explain why



  1. The purpose of this study is to design a HACCP plan for a packaging company that manufactures non food contact water bottle labels. The model is identified from several generic HACCP models. The researcher worked in the plant in the capacity of a quality engineer and as part of the HACCP team and worked with the production manager, Safety and Compliance Officer and Process Development Manager in order to develop the HACCP model.


State why “problem statement b” needs to be rewritten then rewrite ot to meet the approved practices as stated in the handout OR if it is good as written, explain why


  1. Over the past few years, XYZ Company has experienced multiple injuries of overexertion costing the company several thousands of dollars, as a result of manuallyhandling 50 pound (lb) bags of sugar. Due to a change in the sugar regulations the 50 lbbags will become obsolete and will be replaced by 100 lb bags of sugar. This 100%increase in weight of the sugar bags has a potential to increase the significance of thisloss source.


State why “problem statement a: needs to be rewritten then rewrite ot to meet the approved practices as stated in the handout OR if it is good as written, explain why



  1. How can the quality of reading and detecting defects of the lasers at the laser inspection system, by using process capability, and gage reproducibility and repeatability studies, for Company XYZ be analyzed?


State why “problem statement a: needs to be rewritten then rewrite ot to meet the approved practices as stated in the handout OR if it is good as written, explain why


  1. The objective of this study was to investigate the concept of an exam week oriented chocolate bar and its acceptance by students at University of Wisconsin-Stout. This study was designed to help develop a chocolate bar for use by college students during final exam week.  In hopes of providing a nutritional and energizing snack food to relieve stress and to increase enthusiasm in exam week.  The main goal of this project was to determine the relative acceptance of this chocolate bar concept.


State why “problem statement a: needs to be rewritten then rewrite ot to meet the approved practices as stated in the handout OR if it is good as written, explain why



  1. Survey Question Generation
  • For each of the questions you must include the rewrite of the Question PLUS the appropriate scale) in the table below each question. For each issue below, prepare a survey question with appropriate scale.
    • You need to think about what is being asked and then create a question or questions that would provide the desired information.
    • You may need to make assumptions about what is asked but you are not to fundamentally change what is being asked.
    • All questions must be re-written even if the changes are minor. The question may or may not need revision but do not assume the question as written is “effective.”
  • You MUST include an appropriate scale. None of these questions are to be only open-ended (however you may add comment if you believe it is important).
    • Scales may be Likert, may be ranges, may be nominal, etc.
    • Scales must be appropriate to each question. Be careful of having ranges that are too large.  Think about what is being asked and develop reasonable ranges.
    • Use a matrix style response section when appropriate
  • If you think you need to explain your response, please do so.
  • Your responses should look professional
  • This section is worth up to30 points


  1. Gender of respondent


  1. How long have you been with your organization?
    1. Expected range is from 0-15 or more years


  1. What industry do you work in?


  1. What is the size of your organization
    1. Expected range from 1 to over 1000 people


  1. In the last 4 years, has your company faced more or less competition from any of the following markets?
    1. International
    2. Domestic firms (union)
  • Domestic firms (non-union)


  1. How many years has your organization been involved in building development for high performance by employee involvement?


  1. Are you cognizant of all the on-line options available to you?


  1. Communication at work is good


  1. From Stout student competency survey: Are you competent at:

Using Internet                                               Yes     No

Entering data in spreadsheets                  Yes     No

Creating spreadsheet charts                     Yes     No


  1. You are creating a needs assessment survey for an organizational development training needs survey. Below are some competencies.  You want to find out if managers see a need for training in these areas.  What would you ask?

Competencies:  interpersonal skills, coaching employees on performance, managing time, making decisions, resolving conflict, promoting team building


  1. In a pdf document entitled Question 4 – Problem Survey Critique you will see a problem statement with some additional info from chapter 1.  You should critique the problem statement and purpose statement.


There is also a copy of the survey used.  Knowing what you have learned about surveys and methodology, critique this survey(i.e. the methodology of the study) – include recommendations for improving/changing the study.  Be sure to include why you think so.


Read the problem and purpose statements and evaluate the survey – will the survey elicit the data you need to analyze and will it answer/solve the problem and accomplish the purposes of the survey?


I know there is more to the project, but you know what the stated problem and purpose is – as you look at the survey – will it provide what is needed to address the problem as stated?  Please complete the table below – the questions in the left-hand column are intended to help you effectively critique the project.


(up to 17 points) –.


Critique of Problem Statement
Critique of Purpose Statement
Overall Critique of methodology used
Critique of survey – will the survey allow the researcher to achieve the stated purpose AND “solve” the problem
Critique of the survey questions – are they well written
What would be needed in the survey in order to achieve the stated purpose  — what would recommend as far as methodology


OR – should the purpose statement be changed – if so how?



By typing my name below, I confirm that this is my individual work and I did not talk to any other student about my responses.  Failure to type your name below means I will not grade your exam.


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