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Supply Chain Management Research paper

Part 1:

World class quality of products and services has gone from a differentiator for companies to a requirement to stay in business.  Although this has been taught in business programs for over 50 years it is lesson companies can forget.  Research a magazine or online article and find an example of a company whose supply chain failed to ensure exceeding customer quality demands and in 300 words or more explain:

  1. How the company’s Supply Chain failed.
  2. What were the impacts to customers?
  3. How did the company resolve the issue?
  4. Was the company able to recover?
  5. How did this affect the company’s competitors?


Remember this could be the supply chain in manufacturing or service industries. Also, find a situation different from what your classmates have reported on prior to your post.

Part 2:

Reply to a classmate’s post. Was your reported situation similar? What surprised you about the classmate’s company situation? (Or other impressions) Your response should be 50 words or more.
Be sure to add a link to the article(s) you use. Some suggestions for article sources are Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, APICS magazine, CSCMP magazine, and other general and business periodicals. Make sure to pick an objective and factual article; not a blog or other post offering opinions without supporting information.


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