Founding Fathers Scavenger Hunt & Social Media Page

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What do you know about our Founding Fathers? Meeting for the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia back in 1787, a group of strong-willed men representing states with very different interests secretly created a document that has been used by our government for over 200 years! That same document was both strong enough to provide a set of rules on how a growing nation would govern itself yet was flexible enough to be changed with the times.

In this assignment, you will:

  1. Research one of the Founding Fathers and complete the Scavenger Hunt listed below.
  1. You will create a social media page for your Founder.

Research and references are required for this assignment. Provided are a few websites for you to use. Feel free to find other creditable resources either on the web or in books. (Yes, we still encourage the use of books)! DO NOT use Wikipedia. This website is not accurate or scholarly.

You will lose points if you do not include your reference

Remember to find a member or the Constitutional Convention and not a Founding Father that debated the Declaration of Independence. You must choose from the list below and can find more information at this website:


Benjamin Franklin

Elbridge Gerry

Alexander Hamilton

James Madison

Robert Morris

William Patterson

Charles Pickney

John Rutledge

Roger Sherman

George Washington

Research Sites


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