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Nike Company: comprehensive, professional leadership diagnostic


Most of what you need you have completed through earlier milestones. However, it doesn’t mean you need to simply dump them all into one document. You may find there are key elements of each you want to include. You can think of your paper in two larger parts:

Background (this is what you have learned and researched in earlier milestones #1-6)

You can use numbers 1-6 as your framework – think of it as your outline/headings. You may need to then break it down further with sub-headings.

Recommendations (based on what you know, you will answer the recommendation questions below. You want to help set the stage for Nike’s future. You research helps you see what they did well and what they didn’t. Your previous research allows you to make well informed decisions.) You can a-d under number 7 as your framework – think of it as your outline/headings. You may need to then break it down further with sub-headings.

Here are the key requirements:

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Evaluate Nike’s views, goals, and values described in the scenario from the perspectives essential in leading a successful organization.
  2. Evaluate the big picture, global business, and societal trends that have occurred over the years for their impact to Nike leadership’s decisions and attitudes.
  3. Address the competitive challenges presented to the leader of Nike when attempting to engage in business globally.
  4. Document the critical events and the subsequent actions or responses by leaders to those events that have occurred. What were, or could be, the ramifications of these events on the various aspects of the business (sales, financial, marketing, employee satisfaction, etc.)?
  5. Evaluate the use of scenario planning exercises covered in the scenario that help in proactive change efforts.
  6. Based on your analysis of Nike’s strategies, actions, and reactions as specified, illustrate the greatest areas of opportunity to further business value.
  7. Recommendations:
  8. Establish a plan for ensuring that the corporate attitudes, values, and beliefs are shared amongst the different individuals and groups within the organization. Why is your plan important for the organization, and what leads you to believe your plan will be successful?
  9. Based on your analysis of current operations and processes within the organization, how would you recommend leading the organization to better processes, organizational structure, and collaboration? What evidence exists for your recommendations, and what value would such changes provide the organization?
  10. How would you suggest the organization better coordinate the development of socially responsible decision-making policies and practices, without compromising business value?
  11. How would you facilitate the changes you recommend? What strategies, policies, and best practices would you recommend to allow for effective implementation of your recommendations for the organization?


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