Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay or Profile Guidelines

After reading the two articles by famous American authors on Description, you are to write a five
paragraph draft in the Descriptive Format. Vividly describe in a formal academic essay your chosen
topic. Do not write this like a narrative or a story. Take, for example, your favorite type of music:
If you decide to describe this, do not make it about you…the essay is about the music….leave out the
personal pronouns like I, me, my, you, your, us, our, we. Give the reader formal, academic information
(not from sources…but your general knowledge) about this type of music. Below you will see some
different sentences take from various paragraphs of a descriptive essay about rap.
Rap music sees a cultural phenomenon that inspires clothing trends, expressions, and the very way in
which many people choose to act in society as they want to mimic the rap artists they admire in the
videos they see. This music, born in the streets, stems from early roots where young people would write
lyrics on paper and hold “battles” that were wars of words set to a rhythmic beat. This flavorful type of
music had roots in the urban streets and gained popularity in the late seventies and early eighties.
The media seems fascinated with the influence Rap Music Rap music has in the present culture and
society today. Over time rap music has developed a lot of controversy in many ways, especially amongst
parental units and their teenagers. One controversy is a woman and how they are degraded in the lyrics.
Another reason that Rap music causes problems today is by the way that they portray drugs, alcohol,
and money to be something they are not. In Rap music violence is talked about frequently to be a normal
part of life. The media has not dampened its popularity as millions of iTunes downloads continue and
millions of tours and albums continue to great success.

Descriptive Essay Topics

Describe or Profile in a 2-4 page, (about 500 words) typed essay with 12 font, Times New Roman
style, and double-spaced, on one of the following topics.

Pick any music and describe or profile the impact of it on society, the dress, the artists, the
Follow the template format attached in the module.

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