National Coming Out Day Celebration

Chapter 2 Case Study: National Coming Out Day Celebration:

A gay pride organization has procured a permit to hold a National Coming Out Day celebration in a public park tomorrow evening. Police have just received word that members of Repent Sinners plan to attend the event. Repent Sinners is a Christian church group whose members believe that homosexuality is sinful and regard it as their duty to warn homosexuals that they are destined to go to hell unless they repent. Police are worried that there may be violence.

(1) May the police order the gay pride organization to call off their celebration? Explain your answer.

(2) Suppose the National Coming Out Day celebration is held. Shortly after it begins, 75 members of Repent Sinners show up, position themselves a few feet outside the area covered by the permit, and commence praying, singing, playing music, and waving banners with anti-homosexual slogans. The Coming Out Day celebration organizers tell the police that the anti-homosexual speech is offensive to them and they want it stopped. What should the police do?

(3) Suppose the members of Repent Sinners enter the area covered by the permit and begin attempting to engage those in attendance in conversations about their sinfulness and need to be born again. This situation is heating up and may become volatile. What should the police do now?

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