Chapter 2 Case Study: Environmentalist

Chapter 2 Case Study: Environmentalist
Sally Johnson, a young environmentalist, wanted XX Chemical Company to stop producing Toxinol, and she planned on doing something about it. Toxinol, a pesticide used in grain crops, was associated with certain cancers in humans and where it was used, bird populations had declined. National environmental groups had launched an awareness campaign to alert the public to the dangers associated with Toxinol and the negligence of XX Chemical Company in not posting warnings on its product. Johnson had handed out leaflets, written letters to the editor of her local paper and to the CEO of XX, contacted her representatives in Congress to urge them to outlaw Toxinol, and posted videos about XX’s actions on her social networking page.

While the awareness campaign had focused attention on Toxinol and XX Chemical Company, it did not appear as though there was enough strength behind the movement to get XX to stop producing Toxinol. Indeed, a news outlet had recently reported that sales of Toxinol had actually increased. Johnson was furious and decided that since the CEO of XX had not responded to her letter that she would march into his office and demand that he listen to her.

Johnson drove up to XX Chemical Company’s headquarters and tried to bypass the security gate. When security officers attempted to stop her, she got out of her car and shouted at them, demanding to speak with the CEO. The officers refused, and called for backup. Johnson got back in her car and attempted to drive through the gate. Johnson was arrested.

Based on your chapter 2 reading, and the passage above, answer each of the following questions in short paragraph format (3-4 sentences). Be sure to document any sources you use when constructing your responses.

Sally Johnson was expressing her views on Toxinol when she was arrested. Was this legal under the First Amendment? Why?

What Supreme Court decision makes the distinction between a speaker’s message and his/her conduct, and how does it relate to law enforcement?

What kinds of lawful activities did Sally Johnson engage in?

Chapter 2 Case Study: Environmentalist

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