Ellen G White

For this assignment, you will need to analyze one of these topics on Ellen G. White.

1. Her self-awareness as “The Messenger of the Lord as opposed to Prophet of the Lord.”

Answer the following questions in your analysis:
a. What difference is there between Mrs. White’s understandings that she was a “messenger
of the Lord as opposed to a prophet of the Lord?”
b. Whether she was a messenger or prophet, her writings claim and the church has endorsed
that her messages were from God. In light of this claim, what difference do you see
between the writings of Paul, for example, and that of Ellen White?
c. How authoritative are her writings since the Seventh-day Adventist Church has used them
as a guide in the development of its theology?

Can you separate each Question into paragraphs like Question A = paragraph 1 Question B Paragraph 2 etc.

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