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Narrative Essay Response


  • Please type and submit your response to this assignment as soon as possible! At the latest by the assignment submission due date.
  • Please do not seek help from anyone while writing this essay, and do not use writing that you may have previously used for other essay prompts.

This is all about where you’re at with your writing right now. By reading your diagnostic essay, I’m hoping to make an honest assessment of where you stand in terms of your writing ability and confidence level. In doing this, I’m able to better help you on an individual basis, see where you’re coming from. and what you most need/want to work on this quarter. Therefore, your honest effort is paramount.

Prompt: Self-assessment

Now that you have entered college, write a short narrative that moves clearly from one detailed point to the next, documenting and describing important moments in your development. This is called a “literacy narrative,” and it should use between 2 and 5 examples from your personal life—both in school and out of school—that have shaped your perspective on reading and writing, and defined your academic interests, your ways of thinking about your writing assignments in school, and your sense of style when you write and communicate in both school-related and non-school related contexts. End with a statement that explains your current confidence level with your writing。


Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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