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Ticket Methods and Data Analysis

Ticket Methods and Data Analysis

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Video Link:Ticketmaster Live Analytics: Big Data and Sports Ticketing


This video presentation highlights some of Ticketmaster LiveAnalytics recent research and analysis, touching on trends and best practices in fan segmentation and profiling, prospect and retention modeling, dynamic and variable pricing, secondary markets, social sentiment and mobile.


  1. Explain why profiling the ticket buyer is important.




  1. How do you identify ticket buyer prospects and get them to become season ticket holders?




  1. Why is social media important to ticket sellers?




  1. 67% of fans either “share” their experiences or “check-in” on social media while at an event. In your opinion, what impact does this “chatter” have on ticketing?




  1. What is your opinion of Variable and Dynamic pricing in the sports and event ticketing industry?




  1. Do you think using data and analytics to sell tickets is beneficial? Why or Why Not? Explain your reasoning.




  1. Critique the video presentation and explain what you learned from this assignment.

Ticket Methods and Data Analysis

Last Updated on March 10, 2020

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