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Literacy Narrative proposal

Literacy Narrative proposal ASSIGNMENT 1:

By now you’ve read some literacy narratives. You’ve also written about a moment that shaped how you think or feel about literacy (reading OR writing). And you have also read about and responded to your classmates literacy writings and stories.

Finally, for this week, you will submit a proposal for your literacy narrative essay. Whatever proposal you submit, be aware that:

  1. You are allowed to change topics before you submit your final essay draft
  2. You are attempting to compose a thesis with supporting points/topics (which will then become a map for you to write the essay). Again: Yes, you can change if you need to switch topics or gears.

Write at least 150 words, responding to the following:

  1. Write a thesis statement that includes a specific message
  2. Write three supporting points that support the thesis
  3. For at least ONE of the supporting points, provide a detail (evidence) from your memories/experiences) that explains and supports a supporting point from your thesis.

For example:

Thesis: I love writing in part because I was praised for my handwriting, poetry, and nonfiction writing by neighborhood friends and teachers throughout my childhood and school years.

  • Supporting point #1: A friend of the family praised my handwriting when I was six years old, which made me begin to love writing.
    • Detail/evidence: I was sitting at my neighbor’s kitchen table, writing my name in cursive when I six years old. My friend, Sue Hatfield, an older girl whom I admired said, “Wow! You’re writing is really good for being six!” This moment made a huge impression on me. I loved the praise and attention.
  • Supporting point #2: A middle school teacher singled out one of my early poems about drunk driving and I felt special, like I might have a gift for writing.
  • Supporting point #3: A university creative writing professor encouraged my love of writing because he praised my poetry and nonfiction, including his idea of me writing a memoir about my unique experiences of working in a cocktail lounge.

After completing this proposal, you should be able to, or will have worked toward:

  • Composing a literacy narrative essay rough draft and final draft

Literacy Narrative proposal ASSIGNMENT 2:


What your thoughts about reading and writing? Do you fear writing? Love reading? Did someone influence you about reading or writing? A great/bad teacher? A helpful family member? Someone who praised your work? A contest or bad grade you experienced? A powerful moment, event, or person?

The final section of our course requires you to write a literacy narrative. That essay will ask that you think about your experiences around reading or writing, or even other kinds of texts.

As a result, for this discussion, write about a meaningful reading or writing moment. If you can’t think of one, feel free to use the prompts below. Try to end with a statement that is a message about that experience, whatever it was, good, bad, confusing, or amazing.

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