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Module 1 assignment Chapter 1-3

Assignment 1 Instructions:

Students are required to read the textbook Chapters 1-3.

Students are required to read the textbook Chapters 1-3. Students are required to use Microsoft Word and save the completed assignment as Word document with a filename that includes the assignment title, your first initial and last name.

This is the writing assignment with essay questions and is worth a total of 15 points. Students are required to provide substantive responses to each essay question. By substantive responses, it means:
1. Cover all key elements of each essay question
2. Give enough information about the topic
3. apply the chapter concepts and theories to real-life situations
4. Seek out additional resources to gain a better insight of the topic
5. Bring in examples and experiences to illustrate the point
6. Cite references if necessary
7. Acceptable length: write a minimum of 150 words per essay question
Formatting Requirements
Use one-inch margins
Use 1 12-point Times New Roman font
Use double-line spacing in the document
Cite all sources in APA (American Psychological Association)

Write your responses under each question

need to respond to each question and write more words with examples in order to understand the material. That is the goal.

Chapter 1 (The Sociological Perspective and Research Process) Questions
1. Explain Social imagination and use an example to illustrate the term.
2. Among three sociological theories, which two theories primarily use a macro-sociological framework to view and understand society? Please explain Structural functionalist theory and Conflict theory
3. Describe basic steps of social research and four reasons to conduct social science research.
4. Identify hypothesis and variable. Please formulate a hypothesis and distinguish between independent variable and dependent variable.
Chapter 2 (Culture) Questions
5. Give 3 examples of material culture and nonmaterial culture. Distinguish between ideal value or culture and real value or culture.
6. Define high culture and popular culture and give 3 examples to illustrate both of them.
7. Describe ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, and multiculturalism. Use conflict theory to explain culture.
Chapter 3 (Socialization) Questions
8. Identify primary socialization and secondary socialization. How does the Functionalist theory view socialization?
9. Explain George Herbert Mead’s two components of the self. Discuss the differences between the “I” of and the “me” of the self. Please provide an example to illustrate it.
10. Describe Charles Cooley’s Looking-Glass Self and use an example to illustrate it.


Required Textbook: Source-
Kendall, Diana. Sociology in our Times, the Essentials, 10th Edition. Cengage Learning

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