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Essay proposal for the research question

Essay proposal for the research question in the paper instructions

Questions around immigration frequently centre on how many immigrants to admit and what
the balance should be between different categories – economic, family and humanitarian. To what
extent should Canadian immigration policy be tied the needs of the economy?

Length: One page single spaced, 12 pt format
Worth: 5%
This assignment is designed to allow students to investigate some contemporary aspects
and debates about Canadian political life. The proposal gives student an opportunity to
get a head start on their essay and received early feedback from a tutor. The proposal and
essay are an opportunity for students to work on enhancing the skills required in
developing a convincing written argument.


• Select one essay question from the list of ten questions
• Write a draft working thesis
• Outline two key claims to support your thesis and structure your paper
• Your proposal must also include an annotated bibliography of two scholarly
sources**. Each entry must include: (a) complete bibliographic details (b) topic
of source (c) purpose/thesis and (d) why is this particular source important or
relevant to your proposed topic.
*Note your research essay must be based on the question outlined in your essay proposal.
Choose carefully.
**For the purposes of this assignment scholarly sources include journal articles in
scholarly journals, chapters in edited volumes and single monographs. A good starting
point is to review the “Further Reading” section at the end of each relevant chapter in Critical

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